Can A Holistic Dentist Help You?

There are many people who get scared of the idea of going to the dentist. They’re worried about the drills and the clamps, the tools that are required to pull out teeth or to cut into them in order to fix things. But what they tend to be most scared about is the fact that it’s difficult to take a direct part in your dental care.

Luckily for those people, there’s always the option of going to a holistic dentist. If you’ve never heard of a holistic dentist, you’re not alone. Even though the Holistic Dentist Association has been around since 1978, not many people actually know about them or what they do.

What Is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is dentistry that focuses on the patient’s needs rather than the strict “by the book” structure of normal dentistry.

This may seem ridiculous since obviously modern medicine is created by regular testing and keeping track of what works. However, holistic dentistry doesn’t deny the effectiveness of traditional dentistry techniques. Rather, it allows the patient to explore non-traditional forms of dentistry while understanding the benefits and drawbacks.

Does Holistic Dentistry Actually Help?

Hearing the words “non-traditional dentistry” may set your teeth on edge, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. There are many dental issues that can be dealt with using treatments that don’t involve surgery or tooth pulling. Whereas a “by the book” dentist would go straight for those techniques, a holistic dentist will let a patient try the “less effective” treatments if they want.

The end result is that even if it delays necessary treatment, the patient will feel much more comfortable about what’s being done. They’ll get a good feeling about what’s happening, and they’ll know that their dentist is more concerned with treating them than they are with prescribing drugs and doing surgery.

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